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Who Am I?

This is the most complex question you can ask out of all the profound questions in the world. How do I define me? At sixty-two years old, I have answers. Those answers come from the One Who created me. Whether you believe or not, someone had you in mind to live and walk on this planet Earth. I have found “me” in the purpose God shows me on a daily basis: to bless others in the spoken word, in the kind deed, and in the written word. Isn’t that the essence of God? Love? Yes, it is. Love was made Flesh in Jesus Christ, Who is fully man and fully God.

Many of the blogs and short articles I’ve published on Word Press, appear in my new online newsletter called God, Freedom, Equality. The platform is substack, a place where I can earn an income while doing the very things I am created for. The URL is www.colleenlroberts.substack.com. I am also building a base of support at patreon.com/writingismypassion. That blog is called Answers that Heal. Friends of this blog, take a peek because I will be posting fresh writings there in the near future, even poems. I don’t often write poetry or read it for that matter, but I seek to communicate the messages God gives me and many times they come in the form of a poem. I’m branching out into diverse types of writing, opening the doors of my soul and spirit to spread God’s love and healing in this dark and often disappointing world. Join me on my writing journey.

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