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Three Generations

I am working this summer on a three-book series that spans three generations of women: Mother, daughter, and granddaughter. The series was birthed over a decade ago in the form of a short short story called Rise. As time went on, this incredible story became much more. Lydia Green opens the story with a promise to her dying mother that she will leave her abusive husband and “rise” to her full potential. I took the title from the poem by Maya Angelou, “Still I Rise”. When the short short ended, I felt in my soul that there was more. I added to Lydia’s story and eventually created the prequel about Lydia’s mother, Pearl Williams, titled “A Dream Deferred” that takes place in the 60’s. This title is not yet published. I am searching for a literary agent to sell it. I self-published Rise, but I wanted to get out of the comfort zone of Create Space. Now I am writing the rough draft of Lydia’s daughter Nikki’s story tentatively titled “Reckoning”, which promises to be mind-blowing. I believe stories, even fiction ones, hold truth that has the power to move in one’s soul and change one’s path. I will pop in here from time to time with updates. Feel free to comment. I love hearing from everyone. Blessings.

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