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The Unrelenting Pursuit

Did you know that from the moment you were born you were being pursued? No matter what the circumstances surrounding your conception and birth, Love was hot on your trial and would not give up until you surrendered to its irresistible touch. This Love is not of earth, but is the essence of God reaching out to his created ones. Some surrender; many do not and spend their lives without the truest, purest love on the planet.
In my book Redemption, the main character Madison Turner is in survival mode and bitterness ruining her life. She has built walls around her heart to keep people out. When she meets a high school acquaintance, things begin to change. Roland is not put off by her sharp tongue and angry efforts to push him away. He continues to gently pursue her and before long she feels the walls beginning to crack and crumble. The entrance of hopeful love tears down her defenses and makes her vulnerable. What happened to bring about this bitterness in her life? What built the walls that seem impossible to penetrate? The rest of Madison’s story can be found in the book, but now I ask, what about you, my dear friend?
Has bitterness built its fortified walls around your heart so that no tenderness is able to penetrate it? If the answer is yes, let me tell you that there is one Love that is able to tear down the walls, a Love that has been chasing you all your life, desiring to take up residence in your heart. Before it could reach you, pain wounded you in such a way that you do not trust anymore, or even believe that perfect love exists for you. Cheer up, it does exist, in the form of Jesus Christ. He alone can heal the wounds that imprison you and replace them with peace and joy and the strength to live a transformed life.

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