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The Root of Bitterness

When we think of a root, we think of something deep and solid, something that nourishes and helps things to grow. For instance, plants and trees have roots that reach deep into the soil and pull water and other nutrients into the body of the plant. Angie Grier, the main character in my story, “Choose Life”, has a root of bitterness that poisons her life and the life of her family. This root is producing the fruit of death, the fruit that destroys all who partake of it. She has been hurt by others who planted seeds of pain in her soul. She allowed those seeds to grow and over time, bear fruit.

One of the fruits of bitterness is hatred. For a young Black woman in the 1970s, being in love with a white man was taboo. Angie knew this, but love to her was stronger than race and she gave her heart away. She soon learned that racism was too strong for Seth and he soon left her with a broken heart. This was a seed planted in her youth that took root and grew into hatred for an entire race of people. You’ll have to read the story to find out how Angie deals with it and finally overcomes.

Do you or someone close to you have a root of bitterness that has been bearing death fruit? One of my dear aunts that I grew up with has this root and the poison manifests itself through her poor health that has literally almost killed her on more than one occasion. What is the key to freedom from this bitterness? Forgiveness. But, you say, that doesn’t take away the pain and besides, that person does not deserve my forgiveness.

Come, see a Man Who was so hated that He was beaten and nailed to a cross. This Man of all people should hold a grudge. But He didn’t. He forgave. He makes it possible for all of us, who deserve God’s wrath, to be forgiven because He took the wrath that belonged to us. When we accept His forgiveness, then He gives us as His children the power to forgive those who have injured us. When that root of bitterness is uprooted it will hurt, but you will also be free to live the life God has designed for you. You can bear the life-giving fruit when a new seed takes root and flourishes to feed the world with peace and love. If you need help with these concepts, please write to me. I live to serve.