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The Phoenix: You Will Rise

Have you ever felt your life was over? Let me share with you the myth of the Phoenix. This bird lived for 500 years and at its death was consumed by fire. Out of his ashes, another phoenix would rise to live again. The curiously wonderful thing about this new bird, is that it is formed from the ashes of its predecessor.
Though this is just a legend, the truth of resurrection is not. Have you ever been in such a dark place in your life, a place you believed was the end (death) of everything you knew? Your life is reduced to ashes and there you lay without any hope of truly living again? If you are there now, I have good news: You will rise again. Not of your own power, but by the power of faith in Almighty God.
I chose the title of my first collection of stories The Phoenix Chronicles based on the hope of resurrection. Every story is steeped in an impossible life situation until the loving hand of God reaches out to transform pain into healing. Let these stories give you the hope of a glorious resurrection.

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