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The Acorn: You are a Promise

Does an acorn have any resemblance to an oak tree? Of course it doesn’t. The acorn is small and the squirrels like to nibble on it. But there is more.  The promise of an oak tree is inside that little acorn. Given the right conditions, it will push through the ground towards the sunshine to become a refuge for those same squirrels.

Desire is the seed waiting for the right conditions to break free and transform into your life-purpose. Without the soil, sunshine, and water, that acorn would be just an acorn, a promise that is never realized. Once you discover your desire, it is up to you to push through the obstacles to reach your goals. Your purpose is what will give you a life of fulfillment and happiness. Don’t allow any limitations to keep you from this pursuit. You are too valuable to allow your gifts to be wasted. It is up to you to take the needed action.

See yourself as that oak tree. Right now there is a seed planted in your soul, waiting to be freed. Do not allow anything to keep you from your destiny. I am available to assist you on this quest and help your seed to transform into a mighty oak. Your time is now.

What limitations are making it difficult for you to grow?

What does it mean to you to be a “mighty oak”?

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