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That Word

The “N” word is well known and despised by my generation because we know its true meaning and how it was (and still is) used. Each time the slur is hurled at someone, it leaves a wound, whether the person is aware of it or not. Contained in every letter are years of hatred and scorn, oppression and marginalization, injustice and discrimination. Its casual use among African-Americans as a term of brotherhood and friendship does not take the sting and humiliation away.
That word found a place in the mouth of one of my characters in the story Choose Life. It served its purpose of illustrating the darkness of racism in the human heart. Racial epitaphs are like knives meant to cut the heart, stripping people of their human dignity. But one thing is more powerful than words aimed to kill the spirit or bullets used to kill the body: Love. Specifically, God’s love.
From the deep pain of those who lost loved ones in Charleston, North Carolina, pour out forgiveness for the man responsible. I cannot fathom their pain, but I can get a tiny glimpse of the love that motivates them to forgive such a heinous act. They are taking after their Master, Jesus Christ, Who uttered the same words on the Cross after hateful men beat Him mercilessly and hung Him to die. This is what will overcome the hate and bring a healing balm for the personal and national wounds.
If you need any assistance on your journey, write me. I live to serve.
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Jesus Christ