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Radical Love: Introduction

 “They hated Me without a cause.” John 15:25

Radical: “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough”. During the sixties, my Uncle Ernie Chambers was branded a radical because he battled in word and deed against the unjust treatment of the Black community in Omaha. He fought established institutions to try to effect deep, fundamental change in a racist society. Jesus, when He was on earth, was heaven’s radical.  He spoke the truth. From the time He stepped into His ministry, He blew the minds of men as He touched the leper, raised the dead, and committed crimes of compassion on the Sabbath Day.  Jesus transformed the world through His radical love.

 I believe Jesus is calling us to transform the world through a life of radical love.  Cornel West wrote about it in the life of Martin Luther King:  “This radical love flows from an imitation of Christ, a response to an invitation of self-surrender in order to emerge fully equipped to fight for justice in a cold and cruel world of domination and exploitation” (The Radical King)  Love is not a passive bystander, accepting the status quo and hoping for the best.  Love is a fighter and never gives up. Love is a stronghold that even the devil cannot break through.  Are we willing to walk this way and face the hatred of the world? I hear the call. I’m walking the walk. What about you?

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