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The Phoenix Chronicles

These are the stories of four women who, like the legendary phoenix, find transformation and healing as they struggle to overcome the devastating circumstances of their lives. In Rise, Lydia Green makes a promise to her dying mother to leave her abusive husband Silas. A year later that promise still haunts her and goes unfulfilled. But the chance meeting of a stranger and the rekindling of an old love stir hope in her broken heart. In One Sunday Morning, Christy Duncan comes face to face with the stigmatized disease of AIDS that has invaded the body of her best friend, Anna. When Anna reaches out to her for support, will she ignore her plea or stand strong by her side? Christy learns that it costs dearly to love unconditionally. In Fallen, The Awakening, and Home, Madison Turner’s rage simmers below the surface of her life until one day it explodes and leaves her without a job. She tries to find solace in liquid drugs, but it just drives her misery deeper. Only the unconditional love of Jesus can break through her pain. In The Transformation of a Black Woman, Toby Maxwell is content to be “color-blind” until the violent death of a close family friend at the hands of the local police. She is forced to choose between her militant sister’s explosive diatribe against the white man and her white boyfriend’s benign explanation of that night’s events. Her choice transforms her forever.

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