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Missed Opportunity

A Missed Opportunity
Too late. These ominous words spell an end that can never be reversed. How do you feel when you hear them, especially concerning something that means the world to you? A missed opportunity will never return, at least not in the same form as it came the first time. In my short story, The Wedding Necklace, Sheila learns the pain of losing something she didn’t appreciate until it was too late to take advantage of it. She made a choice early on and watched love find another home.
Living with regret is difficult, especially when we know we’ll never get that time or that person or that place again. My dear friends, there is no reason to continue on the path of regret. Sheila never got another chance, but as long as you have breath, you still have the opportunity to live your best life. There are three things you must do TODAY to get on your purpose journey:
1. Change begins with choice. Chose to change direction right now.
2.Do what you love.
3.Find a mentor with the wisdom and experience to guide you.
I’m here today to tell you: You matter. Your life has meaning and value. You are loved by Almighty God.
If you need assistance, I am available and I can also recommend the mentors who have helped me. I live to serve.

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