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Lost. Such a hopeless, forlorn word. It paints the picture of loneliness, away from all that is familiar and welcoming. It means having no idea how to get back home. I don’t mean just a physical house. I’m talking about the heart. When there are wounds in deep places, there’s a restlessness that cannot be quieted, even in the best of circumstances. In my book The Perfect Daughter, the main character, Devon McDonald, grew up in a home of great wealth where she wanted for nothing. She left her childhood wounded by a mother who made it clear she was not happy with her and did everything in her power to fit Devon into the mold of a debutante. Devon’s rebellion drove a wedge between them. The more she rebelled, the more she wanted her mother’s love and approval. Whether she lived in her family’s mansion or an apartment of her own, the wound Devon suffered did not go away. She was never at home anywhere she went, until she began to come to terms with herself and her God. She was lost in every sense of the word.
I believe lost reaches beyond a physical location. It is a state of being. This explains why you could be sitting in the most palatial house in the world with all the luxuries at your fingertips and still not feel at home. The truth is, everywhere you go, you take that homeless feeling with you. Where is this elusive place they call home?
I have good news. Your real home is in a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only One who has the power to change you from the inside and pour into your soul the riches of His healing and fathomless love. Allow Him to make His home in your heart today.

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