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How I Found the Love that Heals

For many years, I didn’t feel loved. I believed I was ugly and worthless. Why? The moment I was born there was something I was supposed to receive that my mother did not give me: a deep sense of being. That bonding experience of finding a home in my mother’s love strengthens my sense of belonging and would have strengthened me against the slings and arrows of a cruel society. If a deep sense of being is not created in the early years, the void is then filled with illusions of being ugly and worthless. The illusions are fueled by what is called the mother wound.
I entered adulthood emotionally unprotected,. My insecurities increased in the environment of marriage and motherhood. My unhappiness persisted because the wound left festering inside me had not been dealt with. How did I find my healing? Three simple steps:
1. I became aware: Through a crisis that landed me in the psychiatric hospital, I was forced to look at and learn more about myself than I ever had before.
2. I admitted: I found the words to explain my dysfunction and thus I was able to voice what was wrong.
3. I trusted: Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He leads to the Father, whose perfect love healed my mother wound.
The process did not happen overnight, but I persevered and today I am whole and growing because of that process. I know who I am. I know I am loved. I know I matter and that my value is priceless. This is the foundation for living on purpose.
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