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Forgiveness: A Road Less Taken

“You’re not good enough.” Have you ever heard these words and believed them? Did they come from someone who should have been loving and affirming? Devon McDonald, the principle character in my book The Perfect Daughter, grew up trying to be “perfect” for her critical mother. She refused to give Devon room to be herself, instead setting impossible standards for her to live up to in order to earn her love.
How do you overcome this belief? The place to begin is not revenge on those that hurt you, but on the road less traveled: Forgiveness. Let go of the hurt they inflicted upon you and replace it with the truth about yourself. That’s all forgiveness is, letting go. Not excusing the actions, but getting that negative person out of your inner life and leaving their fate with God.
What is the truth about you? You are loved by your Creator. You are of immense value. You have a unique purpose. You matter. Your life matters.
If you need a friend on your journey to healing, please write me. I have walked this path and I am here to serve.

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