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Find Answers: No More Bitterness

Are you living a lie? Are you building your life according to someone else’s expectations? The character of Crystal St. George in my book The Perfect Daughter, did just that. Raised in the society of the wealthy, Crystal’s passion for dance did not fit such a lifestyle. When she was forced to give it up, her passion turned into bitterness, infecting her soul and poisoning all her relationships.
What are you passionate about? What would you do even if you never got paid for it? What’s keeping you from it? Search yourself and answer these questions honestly. The real truth is, you are God’s creation, whether you believe in His existence or not. You were lovingly put together in your mother’s womb with the seeds of your purpose already planted in your heart. Your life has meaning. Don’t allow bitterness and pain to destroy your life. You are the blessing the world is desperately waiting for.
If you need assistance on the journey or have questions, write to me. I live to serve.

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