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Family Secrets

Jesus said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” John 14:6
What happens when a family secret has the power to destroy? In my novel Sister, the main character comes face to face with a truth she finds hard to handle because it shatters what she has grown up believing about her family. At the onset of the story, her mother has passed. On the day she is buried, Rayne meets someone from her mother’s past who has that family secret. When the secret is finally revealed, will her relationships hold?
Does truth always hurt so much? Many times, yes. Why? Because it slices through the lies that have kept it in the darkness. Rayne has a choice: will she accept love and forgive, or hold onto pain and get revenge? Love is the mother of forgiveness and these two working together are a healing balm when the truth cuts deep and creates wounds. The chaos truth causes is easily overcome through God’s love and in time the heart that chooses His way will grow stronger.
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