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Change Begins With Choice

Lost. What emotions rise when you hear this word? For one of my characters in Rise, it is his daily condition. The truth is, Silas Green chooses to be there. Every day he wakes up and continues to live in misery. From this dark place, he makes the following three choices and acts on them:
1. He unleashes his hurt on his wife, abusing her physically and emotionally.
2. He blames others for his misery.
3. He becomes self-destructive.
Silas would not forgive. He would not seek healing. He ended his story the way he lived, in bitterness. If your path is taking this downward turn into destruction, it does not have to be the end of your story, my friend. The God Who created you has a richer, fuller life for you than you have ever imagined. It is simply a matter of choice. It is within your power to change direction. Instead of bitterness, choose forgiveness. Instead of placing blame, choose to take responsibility for your part in the situation and move on. Instead of self-destruction, choose self-love. Let yourself be found, dear ones. God is waiting.
If you need any assistance in your journey, write me. I’d love to hear from you.

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