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Not Forgotten

Hello friends. I have not forgotten you. I cannot express how appreciative I am of all your comments. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads these and then I read your comments. I am encouraged beyond words. I write from my heart and soul with the power of the Holy Spirit in me. I am satisfied that you all are being blessed. I am taking a short break from blogging to create a new series. I will be back, have no fear. I love you all even though I don’t know all of you. You are my tribe and I am yours. Thank you again!

Rise Series

It has been awhile since I last wrote a post.  I have been busy with the ups and downs of life, but writing is the passion of my life,  a gift  to be shared with the world.  I am in the process of creating a three-book series about three generations of women.  It all began with a short short story years ago based on one of my favorite poems:  Still I Rise by Maya Angelou.  I didn’t intend for the story to go much further than the short short.  But it gained a life of its own and now, over a decade later, it has blossomed into three books:  A Dream Deferred, Rise, the Novel, and Reckoning (this title may change, I just started writing…