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The Perfect Daughter

“Don’t think you can’t do anything to help her. You are her mother and in the end that is the most powerful relationship she has.” Devon McDonald is determined to raise her autistic daughter Ali in a loving and supportive environment after her husband walks out on them. The words of Ali’s pre-school teacher are a much needed encouragement. She is ready to deal with whatever she has to in order to give Ali all she needs to grow and thrive. But as she faces an impending divorce, Devon is forced to seek her wealthy family for help and return to the dysfunction that drove her away. She learns the painful lessons of forgiveness as the approaching death of a loved one drapes its dark...

Trilogy of Hope

In these compelling stories three women find freedom in God's love. In More Than Forgiven, Willow Johnson is forced to deal with a horrific secret she has kept buried for years that is resurrected when she learns of a friend's sudden suicide. In Choose Life, Angie Grier must come to terms with the racial hatred in her heart and find forgiveness. In Rise: At Last, Lydia Green appears in part two of her story trying to rebuild her life after her husband Silas is jailed for burning down their family store. Her hopes are derailed when he is unexpectedly released from prison and threatens her life. Clcik Here to get your copy


“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest.” Matthew 11:28 While grieving the loss of her mother, Rayne Lewis is burdened with a myriad of family problems that her death left behind: Daddy’s Place, the family restaurant, is steeped in debt and her chronically ill father depends on it for his living. Brothers Marcus and Joel turn to a criminal for the money they desperately need to keep the restaurant from bankruptcy. The third brother Paulie, to assert his independence, has taken a job delivering drugs. All three brothers are in debt to the same man, Duke Tremain, who pulls the noose tighter and tighter around their necks. As she sorts through the confusion,…

The Phoenix Chronicles

These are the stories of four women who, like the legendary phoenix, find transformation and healing as they struggle to overcome the devastating circumstances of their lives. In Rise, Lydia Green makes a promise to her dying mother to leave her abusive husband Silas. A year later that promise still haunts her and goes unfulfilled. But the chance meeting of a stranger and the rekindling of an old love stir hope in her broken heart. In One Sunday Morning, Christy Duncan comes face to face with the stigmatized disease of AIDS that has invaded the body of her best friend, Anna. When Anna reaches out to her for support, will she ignore her plea or stand strong by her side? Christy learns that it costs…