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Bridges bring two opposite sides together and make it possible to cross from one side to the other. In the story Choose Life, Trisha Stewart is Angie’s next door neighbor and a good friend who happens to be white. Trisha is the bridge between two very different families. To quote from the book, Trisha “shatters her [Angie’s] long-held notions of the so-called dominant race”. She is the overcoming force of love that softens Angie’s hardened heart and opens the possibility of true peace.
There is a raging river between the races that can only be bridged by understanding rooted in love. If we are willing to lay hold of the light of the God Who created us, we can make a bridge and meet one another on either side or right in the middle. Mutual respect and acceptance of the whole person can begin the conversation that leads to healing.
The passing of laws can only do so much in our explosive world. Real change is a heart matter, a transformation that is permanent. God is the Author of such a transformation, if there are willing souls who want peace to prevail.

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