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Ancestral Wounds, Part One

What happens when you are judged by the way you look? What if you have lost in the eyes of another before you even open your mouth? A wound is formed in your soul and takes on a life of its own. Sometimes these wounds are accompanied by more of the same over a long period of time without being tended to. They turn into poison that finds its expression in violent rage. What about the offenders? Are they not just as wounded? Yes. Race is a hot issue these days, but it is by no means a new thing. It has been separating people for hundreds of years. Why, since it is a biological factor and on the inside we are all the same? The answer to that lies in the philosophy of men that has become an ancestral wound (supposedly proven by scientific fact, no less) that the Black race is in every way inferior to the White race. Of course, there is nothing scientific about this philosophy. It is rooted in evil and those who believe it and teach it to their children spread such evil like a deadly plague.
What we believe about one another based on skin color are like arrows aimed at the heart. One wound creates another and none of them are healed. They are merely perpetuated in our society, causing more pain and birthing more hatred, the kind that leads to death. The truth is the only way to conquer the arrows, and forgiveness and love are the healing balms. What is the truth? We are all lovingly created in the image and likeness of God. The internalizing of this truth will revolutionize our relationships with fellow human beings and turn our race-based culture upside down. Is it possible to get there?

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