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Bridges bring two opposite sides together and make it possible to cross from one side to the other. In the story Choose Life, Trisha Stewart is Angie’s next door neighbor and a good friend who happens to be white. Trisha is the bridge between two very different families. To quote from the book, Trisha “shatters…

That Word

The “N” word is well known and despised by my generation because we know its true meaning and how it was (and still is) used. Each time the slur is hurled at someone, it leaves a wound, whether the person is aware of it or not. Contained in every letter are years of hatred and…


Forgiven. What a joyous word! It gives the forgiven one freedom, but it especially gives the one extending forgiveness release to live a peace-filled life. Angie Grier, from my story Choose Life, has nursed the wounds caused by racism for many years, though she is able to hide her rage behind the mask of religion….