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Action Steps

No matter how lofty your goal, it will never manifest itself if you do nothing. It is not enough to believe you can reach it. It is not enough to talk about it with everyone you meet. It is not enough to have all the materials to fulfill it. You must be in motion in order to create it.

One of the laws this universe is the law of cause and effect. In the book, Kingdom Mindsets for Success, Alain Dagba writes: “It is foolish to expect an effect without a cause. It is foolish to expect a result without an action”. What are you expecting to happen, now that you have given voice to your desire? Nothing will happen without action steps. Put some running shoes on your goals.

Action steps are concrete. They are not ideas or concepts. They are verbs. They need to move. Start off with at least three action steps and a time frame for accomplishing them. This is the cause part of the universal law. The effect is the completion of the task you set out to do. Imagine a ladder propped up against the side of your house. You have to get to the roof. If you stand at the bottom and look up, you won’t get very far. But if you start climbing, you will make progress until you reach your destination. The same is true of your goals. Take the steps necessary to see them through.

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