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Navaho NationAnd they sang a new song, saying:“You are worthy to take the scroll    and to open its seals, because you were slain,    and with your blood you purchased for God    persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.”Revelation 5:9

The history of the indigenous peoples of America is well known. The pain of their oppression is felt in the reservations that still exist on American soil as a perpetual reminder of their suffering at the hands of invading Europeans. The blood of innocents slaughtered for their land cries out from the dust. 
We have only God Almighty to thank for the freedom He gives those who are His children by faith. Two weeks ago, a group of ladies and myself visited Crown Point, New Mexico, part of the largest reservation in the United States. At the Lighthouse Assembly of God Church, free people gather to worship and serve God in a remote and lonely place. Our prayer is for revival to wash that land with God’s love. 
I am also part of an historically marginalized group that continues to suffer institutionalized racism, yet I am grateful for the freedom I enjoy in Christ to carry out His will fearlessly. Though these institutions (education, government, housing, the corporate world, etc.) are powerful, they cannot overrule God’s Kingdom.  
The above scripture takes place in heaven, but its truth abounds now, here on earth where God’s children worship and serve Him. Salvation is for all people, every language, every tribe, and every nation. He is no respecter of persons. Jesus didn’t operate in the realm of darkness that separates and destroys, but in the realm of light that heals and unifies.

In my next blog, I’ll explore how Jesus brings hope and spiritual satisfaction to a people shunned by Jewish society, the Samaritans.

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