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Forgiven. What a joyous word! It gives the forgiven one freedom, but it especially gives the one extending forgiveness release to live a peace-filled life. Angie Grier, from my story Choose Life, has nursed the wounds caused by racism for many years, though she is able to hide her rage behind the mask of religion. She is trapped in her own bitterness and uses it to justify the hatred she feels for white people: “For the first time she wondered about herself, but then she again reasoned that she was justified. Look at all the years of brutal treatment her race had suffered.” Does it matter whether hatred that erupts into violence comes from the heart of a Black or a White person? Is it justified and excused in one while the other is condemned? I think not. Angie believes she has the right to feel as she does and do what she needs to do in order to satisfy that hatred, even if it means going against her cherished beliefs. However, she is confronted with God’s take on the matter, just as we are today. Listen to His counsel: “Love your enemies…” and in another place “forgive one another as God, for Christ’s sake, has forgiven you”. That’s all I need to convince me that hatred and violence, whether from Blacks or Whites, is wrong. But there is a way out, a healing for the wounds racism causes. Face your wounds and find powerful healing in God, Whose essence is love. Then live in peace with all people.
If you need help on the journey, write me. I live to serve.

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