The Unrelenting Pursuit

Did you know that from the moment you were born you were being pursued? No matter what the circumstances surrounding your conception and birth, Love was hot on your trial and would not give up until you surrendered to its irresistible touch. This Love is not of earth, but is the essence of God reaching out to his created ones. Some surrender; many do not and spend their lives without the truest, purest love on the planet.
In my book Redemption, the main character Madison Turner is in survival mode and bitterness ruining her life. She has built walls around her heart to keep people out. When she meets a high school acquaintance, things begin to change. Roland is not put off by her sharp tongue and angry efforts to push him away. He continues to gently pursue her and before long she feels the walls beginning to crack and crumble. The entrance of hopeful love tears down her defenses and makes her vulnerable. What happened to bring about this bitterness in her life? What built the walls that seem impossible to penetrate? The rest of Madison’s story can be found in the book, but now I ask, what about you, my dear friend?
Has bitterness built its fortified walls around your heart so that no tenderness is able to penetrate it? If the answer is yes, let me tell you that there is one Love that is able to tear down the walls, a Love that has been chasing you all your life, desiring to take up residence in your heart. Before it could reach you, pain wounded you in such a way that you do not trust anymore, or even believe that perfect love exists for you. Cheer up, it does exist, in the form of Jesus Christ. He alone can heal the wounds that imprison you and replace them with peace and joy and the strength to live a transformed life.


Lost. Such a hopeless, forlorn word. It paints the picture of loneliness, away from all that is familiar and welcoming. It means having no idea how to get back home. I don’t mean just a physical house. I’m talking about the heart. When there are wounds in deep places, there’s a restlessness that cannot be quieted, even in the best of circumstances. In my book The Perfect Daughter, the main character, Devon McDonald, grew up in a home of great wealth where she wanted for nothing. She left her childhood wounded by a mother who made it clear she was not happy with her and did everything in her power to fit Devon into the mold of a debutante. Devon’s rebellion drove a wedge between them. The more she rebelled, the more she wanted her mother’s love and approval. Whether she lived in her family’s mansion or an apartment of her own, the wound Devon suffered did not go away. She was never at home anywhere she went, until she began to come to terms with herself and her God. She was lost in every sense of the word.
I believe lost reaches beyond a physical location. It is a state of being. This explains why you could be sitting in the most palatial house in the world with all the luxuries at your fingertips and still not feel at home. The truth is, everywhere you go, you take that homeless feeling with you. Where is this elusive place they call home?
I have good news. Your real home is in a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only One who has the power to change you from the inside and pour into your soul the riches of His healing and fathomless love. Allow Him to make His home in your heart today.

The Root of Bitterness

When we think of a root, we think of something deep and solid, something that nourishes and helps things to grow. For instance, plants and trees have roots that reach deep into the soil and pull water and other nutrients into the body of the plant. Angie Grier, the main character in my story, “Choose Life”, has a root of bitterness that poisons her life and the life of her family. This root is producing the fruit of death, the fruit that destroys all who partake of it. She has been hurt by others who planted seeds of pain in her soul. She allowed those seeds to grow and over time, bear fruit.

One of the fruits of bitterness is hatred. For a young Black woman in the 1970s, being in love with a white man was taboo. Angie knew this, but love to her was stronger than race and she gave her heart away. She soon learned that racism was too strong for Seth and he soon left her with a broken heart. This was a seed planted in her youth that took root and grew into hatred for an entire race of people. You’ll have to read the story to find out how Angie deals with it and finally overcomes.

Do you or someone close to you have a root of bitterness that has been bearing death fruit? One of my dear aunts that I grew up with has this root and the poison manifests itself through her poor health that has literally almost killed her on more than one occasion. What is the key to freedom from this bitterness? Forgiveness. But, you say, that doesn’t take away the pain and besides, that person does not deserve my forgiveness.

Come, see a Man Who was so hated that He was beaten and nailed to a cross. This Man of all people should hold a grudge. But He didn’t. He forgave. He makes it possible for all of us, who deserve God’s wrath, to be forgiven because He took the wrath that belonged to us. When we accept His forgiveness, then He gives us as His children the power to forgive those who have injured us. When that root of bitterness is uprooted it will hurt, but you will also be free to live the life God has designed for you. You can bear the life-giving fruit when a new seed takes root and flourishes to feed the world with peace and love. If you need help with these concepts, please write to me. I live to serve.

The Greatest Power On Earth

Have you ever had to make a life or death decision? It only takes seconds to cause the best or the worst of circumstances to happen. In my story, “Choose Life” from the book Trilogy of Hope, the main character, Angie Grier, is faced with tough decisions as a wife, mother, and friend. Each decision has the power to change her life. Though not everything is as simple as black and white, according to the Bible there are only two choices, life and death: “I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life so that you and your children shall live” (Deuteronomy 30:19). Without giving away all of the story, Angie comes to a point where her choice will either strengthen her family or de-stroy it: life or death. She could follow her lust (death) or her truth (life).

My friend, you, like Angie, possess the greatest power on earth: the power to choose. People use this power for the good of others or to ruin lives, including their own. Who is responsible for handing us such control? God in His incomprehensible wisdom, decided to give us such power and we could choose to accept or reject Him. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were the first humans to use it. With their choice came the most profound change in the history of the uni-verse: the crushing Fall of mankind. They chose death for all of us.

Our loving Creator does not leave us there. He came in the form of a man to make a way back to life through His death on the Cross. We are still faced with only two choices: Death (separation from God forever) or Life (eternal union with God). I have chosen to spend now and eternity living with my God. The power is in your hands, not only for your life here on earth, but for your eternity.

If you need help with these truths, don’t hesitate to write me. I live to serve.