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Be Whole

You’re a sell-out!” Angie Grier is the main character of my short story, Choose Life. She hears these words coming from the mouth of her beloved older sister. Angie, her husband and their two children live an idyllic life in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Brockton. She is accused of being a sell-out to the…

Missed Opportunity

A Missed Opportunity Too late. These ominous words spell an end that can never be reversed. How do you feel when you hear them, especially concerning something that means the world to you? A missed opportunity will never return, at least not in the same form as it came the first time. In my short…

The Wedding Necklace

The Wedding Necklace Sheila Thompson smiled at her reflection, admiring the diamond encrusted heart of her new necklace as it lay upon her honey-brown skin. She had chosen it especially for today. Her best friend Grace was getting married and at their middle age that was something to celebrate. “Mamma,” her college-age daughter Pam called….


Awakening Do you wish you had a second chance? Devon, in my book The Perfect Daughter, wondered if she could ever repair her relationship with her mother. The dark specter of death threatened to squelch any efforts she made in that direction. She longs for a second chance. The God of second chances makes a…