Find Answers: No More Bitterness

Are you living a lie? Are you building your life according to someone else’s expectations? The character of Crystal St. George in my book The Perfect Daughter, did just that. Raised in the society of the wealthy, Crystal’s passion for dance did not fit such a lifestyle. When she was forced to give it up, her passion turned into bitterness, infecting her soul and poisoning all her relationships.
What are you passionate about? What would you do even if you never got paid for it? What’s keeping you from it? Search yourself and answer these questions honestly. The real truth is, you are God’s creation, whether you believe in His existence or not. You were lovingly put together in your mother’s womb with the seeds of your purpose already planted in your heart. Your life has meaning. Don’t allow bitterness and pain to destroy your life. You are the blessing the world is desperately waiting for.
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Forgiveness: A Road Less Taken

“You’re not good enough.” Have you ever heard these words and believed them? Did they come from someone who should have been loving and affirming? Devon McDonald, the principle character in my book The Perfect Daughter, grew up trying to be “perfect” for her critical mother. She refused to give Devon room to be herself, instead setting impossible standards for her to live up to in order to earn her love.
How do you overcome this belief? The place to begin is not revenge on those that hurt you, but on the road less traveled: Forgiveness. Let go of the hurt they inflicted upon you and replace it with the truth about yourself. That’s all forgiveness is, letting go. Not excusing the actions, but getting that negative person out of your inner life and leaving their fate with God.
What is the truth about you? You are loved by your Creator. You are of immense value. You have a unique purpose. You matter. Your life matters.
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Change Begins With Choice

Lost. What emotions rise when you hear this word? For one of my characters in Rise, it is his daily condition. The truth is, Silas Green chooses to be there. Every day he wakes up and continues to live in misery. From this dark place, he makes the following three choices and acts on them:
1. He unleashes his hurt on his wife, abusing her physically and emotionally.
2. He blames others for his misery.
3. He becomes self-destructive.
Silas would not forgive. He would not seek healing. He ended his story the way he lived, in bitterness. If your path is taking this downward turn into destruction, it does not have to be the end of your story, my friend. The God Who created you has a richer, fuller life for you than you have ever imagined. It is simply a matter of choice. It is within your power to change direction. Instead of bitterness, choose forgiveness. Instead of placing blame, choose to take responsibility for your part in the situation and move on. Instead of self-destruction, choose self-love. Let yourself be found, dear ones. God is waiting.
If you need any assistance in your journey, write me. I’d love to hear from you.

Change Your Story

“God is love…there is no fear in love, instead perfect love drives out fear.” 1 John 4:16, 18
What emotion has the power to hold your life hostage and torment your mind in the process? The answer is simple: Fear. Last week I gave you two keys to open the door to freedom, but they are only the beginning. Fear may hold you back from making good choices and from being honest with yourself. Until you conquer the fear in your life, you will never be free. I can say without contradiction, it will always keep you from the path you were meant to live. In this stagnant place you are tormented by the taunts of inevitable failure. So you remain paralyzed, a prisoner in your own skin. But this does not have to be the end of your story. You can change it TODAY.
Have you ever listened to the carefree laughter of children when they are at play? They have no worries about their next meal or what will happen in the future. What allows them such peace of mind? The love of their parents. They have unquestioning faith that frees them from fear.
If human love can offer such security, imagine your life kept by the Source of Love, God the Father. This love will never fail you, will never abandon you, and will always have your back. Let His love drive out all your fears and infuse strength into your life to move out of stagnation into free-flowing joy.