Tis the Season To Start Blogging

Yes, it is the season to start blogging and never stop.  For anyone who is following me, I apologize for the length of time between blogs. That won’t happen again, if I stay disciplined!  That is one thing having a blog has taught me:  consistency.  In the past week I have made a momentous decision.  I have always been a writer, but when I began trying to build a sales company, writing got the leftovers of my time and energy.  I grew and changed and met some wonderful people who are still in my life, but building a sales company was not in God’s plan for me.  Writing is.  I saw the light after months of struggle and indecision.  There is no more wavering.  I’m on the path I was born for.

This means you will be hearing more from me as I hone my craft through blogging, writing essays, articles, and full length novels.  God planted the seed in me long before I was physically born and when I came into this world, that seed began its journey to fulfillment.  It reminds me of an acorn.  Inside the acorn is a mighty oak, waiting for the right conditions to reach for the sun.  The conditions are right for me. Right now.  I’m ready to reach for the Son.